Aluminum Mini L-Screen with Slip-On Net, 7’H x 5’W


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5’ x 7’ L-shaped screen provides thorough protection of the pitcher without inhibiting throwing abilities. Padded throwing zone prevents wild pitches from ricocheting back at the pitcher and causing injuries
Put a layer of protection between the batter and the pitcher during batting practice with this Mini Pro L-Screen. The pitcher can focus on throwing heaters and change ups without any distractions, as the pillowcase net stops dangerous line drives or bouncing grounders before they can make contact. Frames are heavy wall schedule 40 aluminum 1.9” O.D. pipe. Permanent no flat tires roll easily across the field and allow quick setup before practice. Frame and wheel assemblies are welded for durability. 4” wide pneumatic tires are 10” in diameter. Weather treated nylon netting is #60 (3 mm), 1-3/4” mesh. Pillow case net design easily slips over frames and lacing is only required at the bottom to close the net. Aluminum screens are not recommended for inside a batting cage.

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Weight 42.000 lbs