Super-Six Pole Only with 6′ Extension & Sway Braces, Surface Mount


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Pole only for the Super-Six® basketball system. Choose your board and rim separately. Super-Six® system was designed with safety in mind with a standard 6’ extension arm for the maximum safe-play area. The unique top-cap design reduces the possibility of the extension arm from slipping or falling resulting in an injury. Constructed 4″ square structural steel with a 3/16″ wall thickness, this system is built to handle rugged play in the toughest conditions. Pole and extension are finished in an attractive black acrylic powder coat to prevent chipping and provide the ultimate corrosion protection against the elements. The rigid rim mounts through the backboard and directly to the extension arm for maximum safety and excellent rebound. System features an easy-to-install three piece design that allows for minor adjustments in height and squareness to the playing surface. Custom extension lengths are available at 3’, 4’ and 5’. Modified extension length must specified when ordering. Choose from in-ground (direct bury) or surface mount installation.

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Weight 303.000 lbs
Installation InstructionsDouglas-Install-Super-Six.pdf
CAD DrawingsDouglas-CAD-Super-Six-Basketball.pdf