The New re-designed PPS- Pickleball Systems

March 13, 2019

Douglas® is proud to introduce the official net of the USAPA, the new re-designed PPS-Pickleball system. One notable design change is the new “Stabilizer Legs” on our PPS22SQ Portable Pickleball System. After receiving feedback from the USAPA that traditional legs on our portable units were obtrusive and a possible safety concern, they asked us for a design change to help solve this issue. After months of research and development, the new “Stabilizer Legs” design was born. The new “Flat” legs design provides a greater range for players, and increased safety. Another improved design was adding end wheel assemblies to all units for easier mobility, and removing the center transporter wheel as it is not necessary for the shorter 22’ system (Compared to 42’ Tennis).

This new system is unparalleled to anything else on the market and has already experienced exponential growth. Find out for yourself why this portable system outshines the competition.


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